Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Fourth international urogynaecology conference on Jun 16

Fourth international urogynaecology conference on Jun 16
MedIndia, India - Jun 11, 2006 that over 63 per cent of women suffered from some kind of urinary incontinence. that around 58 per cent suffer from the same disorder induced due to stress.

MediciNova Announces Results From a Phase II/III Generalized
International News Service, Australia - Jun 11, 2006 compulsive disorder 4.2 million and post-traumatic stress disorder about 3.2 sclerosis, interstitial cystitis, preterm labor, cancer and urinary incontinence.

AUA 2006 - Prostate Cancer Localized II Discussed Poster
Medical News Today (press release), UK - Jun 12, 2006 Erectile dysfunction was 55% vs. 100% in these groups, stress incontinence 1.7% vs. 39%, and two rather than five fistulas. The

New solution offers relief for sufferers of urinary incontinence
WNDU-TV, IN - 4 hours ago Urinary stress incontinence causes one s bladder to leak urine. The condition often occurs after pregnancy or a hysterectomy.

50 m suffer from urinary incontinence
Hindustan Times, India - Jun 10, 2006 Dr Chaurasia said there were different types of urinary incontinence like stress urinary incontinence in which urine leakage occurs because of sudden pressure

63 pc of women suffer urinary incontinence
Hindu, India - Jun 10, 2006 Among the 1,068 outpatients, who took the questionnaire-survey at the hospital, 58 per cent reported suffering stress urinary incontinence or intermittent