Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The cocktail to beat cancer? (Incontinence)

The cocktail to beat cancer?, United Kingdom - Jun 19, 2006 it has less extreme side effects - Zoladex can cause impotence and incontinence. the couple returned to Kalymnos where, they thought, the stress-free existence

Odessa doctor performs Tegress procedure
Odessa American, TX - Jun 19, 2006 Hazel Sewell of Andrews struggled with stress urinary incontinence. But Sewell wasn t willing to put off the problem with temporary measures.

MediciNova Announces Results From a Phase II/III Generalized
Drug Newswire (press release), CT - Jun 16, 2006 compulsive disorder 4.2 million and post-traumatic stress disorder about 3.2 sclerosis, interstitial cystitis, preterm labor, cancer and urinary incontinence.

Duloxetine Proven Effective For Use In Men With Stress Urinary
Medical News Today (press release), UK - Jun 19, 2006 and colleagues from Munich Germany examined the role of duloxetine in the treatment of male patients suffering from stress urinary incontinence (SUI) after