Monday, May 29, 2006

Incontinence - Stem cell injection may stop urine leakage: study

Stem cell injection may stop urine leakage: study, Canada - May 24, 2006 "Other injectable agents to treat stress incontinence, such as collagen, they're injected fairly superficially into the lining of the urethra to actually help

AUA 2006 - Trauma And Reconstructive Moderated Poster Session
UroToday, CA - May 24, 2006 Both groups stress the close association with stress urinary incontinence in this group and the management of these patients with delayed artificial urinary

AUA 2006 - Society for Urodynamics and Female Urology Meeting
UroToday, CA - May 24, 2006 Werner Schaefer discussed various aspects of the biomechanics of urethral closure as they relate to urodynamic testing and therapy of stress incontinence.

AUA 2006 - Podium Session 11 Female Urology (I)
UroToday, CA - May 23, 2006 One patient developed de novo stress urinary incontinence, while one had an exacerbation of her stress urinary incontinence. The

AUA 2006 - An Update On Bladder Cancer Localized II
UroToday, CA - May 23, 2006 Erectile dysfunction was 55% vs. 100% in these groups, stress incontinence 1.7% vs. 39%, and two rather than five fistulas. The

One in 50 teenagers still wet the bed
Boca Raton News, USA - May 25, 2006 reassure parents of children with mild bed wetting problems, but stress the importance time bedwetting and one in five of those also had daytime incontinence.